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Social responsibility

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The only way to make a change in the world is if each of us contribute to the potential we have. If
we all wait for someone else to do something, nothing will change.

We believe that it’s the little elements that make the big things work. There's a reason we are in
the spare parts business.:)
At @ORCZY, we know that every little action adds to the 'big machine'. It is therefore everyone's
duty to take responsibility for the ‘big machine' and do their part. No one alone can change the
way the world is running, but everyone can do their part to make things work properly.
At ORCZY, we do our best to contribute to the betterment of our planet, our environment and the
progress of our society.
Waste generated in our daily activities is collected in a fully selective way. Whether it's the foil that
protects incoming goods, the paper waste from packaging or the electronic waste from repairs in
the service, everything is properly selected and transported for recycling.
Cardboard boxes that, due to their condition, can no longer be used properly for package delivery
are shredded using a special machine and used as adhesive. This is a significant amount, as we
send 150-200 packages by courier every day.
Our managers use fully electric cars to get to work every day, reducing the emissions.

Of course, selective waste collection and recycling is hopefully now a standard requirement in all
companies. So what is it that really makes us different? We believe that every machine has value!

There are so many cases in everyday life where certain repair shops and household appliance
dealers can no longer keep their business running, so their old machines and spare parts end up
in a landfill. We at ORCZY won't let that happen! We buy these old machines and give them new
life renovating them so they don't have to go to waste.

While protecting our planet is terribly important, it's not the only small thing we can do as a
socially responsible company. We also constantly support various sports and recreational
activities. Although we have had limited opportunities to hold these types of events in the past
years, we have had the chance to support a running race, a karate club and a basketball team.

All in all, no one can really change the world alone, but everyone must do their part. It’s the little
things like these that lead us to a better world.

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