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The beginning era of ORCZY

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"Do what others refuse to do!"

Have you ever heard about GELKA?
It is an acronym for Mechanical Electrical Maintenance Company in Hungarian (Gépipari Elektromos Karbantartó Vállalat), which was a state owned company between 1960 and 1993. 

Before the change of regime, it was the largest, perhaps the only really large national service network.

What happened to it? It is now gone forever.
Why? Because when the customer needed the help with repairing his appliances and asked for the parts, they told them with a smile on their face: ‘We don’t have any.’ :) 

It was extremely unpleasure for the mechanics and technicians, because if they couldn’t get the required parts on time it was impossible to get tips, which made most of their income. Keep in mind that we were in the middle of the communist era and people had already been dreaming of Western life.

Literally no one was concerned with helping these technicians. Not a single person was thinking in a way of trade and commerce. Not that all sorts of “IMPEXs” would have even make that possible. 

To declare it simply: Everyone refused to help the process of keeping the parts flowing. 

András' father, who was a mechanic at the time, experienced all this situation and decided to help others.
“Someone has to take responsibility.” - He said and began to search, procure and purchase parts and provide to his fellow technician colleagues. The news spread rapidly and the number of people who asked for his help to do their job doubled day by day.

András' mother who was working in the real estate industry at that time, soon realized that this could be a great business opportunity.

Their main motive was not money, they just wanted to do what others refuse to do. 

We are a family business and our goal still remains: to help technicians and their customers with the things they really need!

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