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The managers of ORCZY

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"Behind every successful man is a woman!" - as the the old phrase says.

Of course, many may see this as a cliché, but for those who think so, here's a disproof. Although not in the conventional way...

The old saying is absolutely true in ORCZY's life. 

Because in the beginning, András' father provided the company with expertise in household appliances, while his mother was mainly responsible for sales and organising processes. It took both of them to make ORCZY such a stable company.

András is in a similarly fortunate position, as he can steer the company towards growth and development together with his managing partner, Katalin Józsa.  

As a manager, it is almost an impossible task to continuously improve the company and maintain the day-to-day operations efficiently. There is simply not enough energy and attention left to make both run perfectly. This case is only true if you have no one to share these challenges with... 

The great satisfaction to our company, our partners and employees, we have the best managing partners that is possible. They have an excellent working relationship.

One of the reasons for this is that they have had a close friendship since high school. They grew together to become adults and leaders. Even back then, they often went on trips and hikes together with their group of friends. This kind of close relationship has maintained and even strengthened to this day. Since then, their families and their children have spent a lot of time together on holidays and vacations. 

Of course, spending time together does not mean that work also can be done efficiently. The key is sharing responsibilities.

In the management of the company, András is the one who tends to be the strategic and developmental leader. Of course he wouldn’t have the opportunity to think about development if he did not have such a solid background behind him. A strong stability, which we all have to thank Katalin for. 

She is the one who organises the company's day-to-day business, thus guaranteeing a secure operation for growth. She makes sure that our employees are satisfied and efficient at the same time, while keeping everything tight and organized. Without her, Orczy would not be able to grow so quickly and dynamically.

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