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Sharing knowledge

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Annual service meeting at ORCZY's headquarter

Almost 30 years ago, when András' parents founded ORCZY, they had two things to rely on: their expertise and knowledge. Nobody could take that away and nobody could do it after them. 

What else could they have believed in, given that at the end of the communist era there was a deficit economy in Hungary. They were happy if they could just get parts to repair the machines.

At first it was not easy, as the lack of spare parts meant that they could only operate on the basis of the practical knowledge they had acquired over the years. Then, as time went by and the borders opened up, there were more and more opportunities to get parts to repair the machines. 

Of course, new brands and types of domestic appliances appeared on the market at that time, and it was necessary to learn their operation and mechanics. But that was never a problem. 

We always knew that we were not just selling parts, but also providing expertise and proper knowledge to our partners and customers. 

This approach has not changed since then. To this day, we know that it takes much more than just simply selling and buying various household appliance parts. The real value is the expertise and in-depth knowledge behind the trade about the functioning, mechanics and possible faults of the various appliances.

In order to share the information and expertise we have with our partners as widely as possible, we have been organising our service meetings for over 10 years now, where technicians from all over the country come to us. This year, the meeting took place in mid-September, where we hosted nearly 100 partners. Over the three days we shared the latest informations on the appliance market and listened to our partners' opinions and experiences, all in a familiar atmosphere.  

2020-21 have brought big changes for all of us.
But one thing has not changed: our commitment to expertise!

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