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The headquarter of Orczy

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Our new headquarter and central warehouse

The other day, representatives of a potential European spare parts distributor partner came to visit us. As we were walking through the company, including our central warehouse, and I was showing them our own real estate complex of almost 1000m2, they asked:

- Why do you own your own property? Why don't you rent?" - because where they came from, people tend to rent rather than invest in their own property.


My answer was that in Hungary, you are stable if you have a 'solid ground’ under your feet. You have to be in control of all aspects of your business, including real estate.


He didn't understand why we needed to own property to achieve this.

- Without owning you can still build a stable company that is constantly growing.


I told him a story that happened to us about 6 years ago:

At that time we were renting our warehouse and offices. For a long time we had no problem, as we were paying the rent and the owner provided us with a suitable location to work.

This was going very well until a new owner took over the property: our headquarter was sold!

One day the new owner turned up and told us we had to leave because he had other plans with the property. We had been left no legs to stand on, so we had to react quickly and effectively to solve the situation.


That was when I decided that I didn't want to depend on anyone. I am going to control every single segment of my company!

After looking at all the possible locations, we chose our current headquarters, where all the conditions were excellent for us to grow.


It has an easy access to the nearby motorway and almost 1000m2 of floor space, so it can comfortably store our entire portfolio of over 20,000 products. In addition, we can accommodate our offices, service centre, studio and shop here as well.


All our current and future partners are welcome to come here for a tour and a friendly business meeting over a delicious coffee.

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