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We are in the information business!

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'I can't find the product on the item number.'
'I cannot find what I need in stock. What should I order instead?’

Selling household appliance parts is not an easy job. As a salesperson, purchasing agent or
industry manager, you know that is much more than just selling products.

If you want to stay in the compe--on, you have to keep up with the market. As machines evolve,
so must the people who work with them.

In all aspects of life, it is true that there are two main basic conditions for progress. A willingness to
learn, and a sufficient quantity and quality of information. Of course, you need much more than
that to learn effectively, but without these is a waste to do anything.

We cannot give willingness to learn. You either have it or you don’t.

On the other hand, we are in an outstanding position in the market with information!
ORCZY is not only a spare parts dealer, but also a service centre. For nearly 30 years! Why is this

- Because it means we know exactly what parts are needed and how to use them.
- We know what faults can occur with certain parts.
- We know how each component works.
- We know what types can be replaced with other spare parts

We are in the information business.png

All of us who work in this industry know that manufacturers are constantly improving the
household appliances. Parts are appearing under newer and newer item numbers. In addition, the
existing ones’ are regularly modified.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find the part you are looking for under a particular part number. It
isn’t easy to know what substitute product you could order, because you don't have enough
information about it.

This could be only true if ORCZY is not your partner.

We are in direct contact with many manufacturers and more than 1000 partners, so in our central
warehouse we not only stock parts, but also an immense amount of information.

Whether it's an Original, OEM or aftermarket part, we guarantee to have the information you
Our support team is ready to assist all our partners with information on household appliance parts,
because we know:

We are more than a spare parts dealer. We trade information!

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